Marketing Packages

At Swoll Media, we understand how gyms, studios and health & fitness organizations operate, that’s why we offer pricing packages that can be customized to meet your budget. Just like your studio may offer different tiers of membership, or your spa may promote a variety of packages, we have developed three pricing tiers for our major services – print, digital and branding – along with customized add-ons, such as photography, to help you achieve a high-quality ROI. This turns a complicated, multifaceted marketing and media process into a simple plan.

Each pricing tier comes with a four-step process our marketing professionals developed with insight from their countless years in media, fitness and health. We start with an action plan, a clear and collaborative strategy for your marketing needs. Then we work on:


Using strategic planning surveys, we listen to your needs, wants, dreams  and challenges to help create materials and plans that reflect your goals. you get to have as much or as little input as you want.


Based on our concept planning, we design your materials, develop your strategies and create your campaigns. One round of edits is included in each package.


When it’s time, we unleash your brand on the world. We even give you access to the source files for all of our design work, so you can make additional changes or edits years down the road.


How do you know if your campaign was really, truly effective? Our pricing tiers include different levels of metrics, giving you the analytics you need to see exactly how your marketing strategy is getting more bodies through the door.