Websites, social & email marketing that push the envelope

In a world bombarded by online and digital media, the ability to standing out, to find and keep the spotlight requires a combination of strategic planning and creative thinking. At Swoll Media, we plan, develop and implement rich digital media marketing campaigns for the web, email and social media. We can give you a unique and engaging voice in the digital marketplace.

The result? A boost in your company’s brand recognition – a boost in your business. Our rates are tailored specifically for small fitness companies, boutique gyms and start-ups.

Swoll Media will boost your voice in the digital world through:

  • Creation and management of one-time email marketing campaigns, or ongoing email communications.
  • Development of sticky headlines that improve email open rates, Facebook shares and re-tweets.
  • Production of rich digital content and visuals designed to boost website traffic and improve SEO.
  • Redesign of websites or a complete rebuild from scratch.
  • Strategic use of SEO and landing pages.
  • Social media and website user training.
  • Ongoing social media, email marketing and website administration and management.
  • Content creation, such as blogs, that convey your message to your target audience, establish your business as an industry leader and drive search engine traffic to your website.

How can you drive more traffic to your website? Check out this HOW-TO GUIDE FOR BUILDING AN SEO STRATEGY!

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